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August 17, 2011

Combining digital manufacturing and traditional metalworking techniques, Cinnamon Lee has created an interactive lighting installation for COTA in Sydney.

Designed by artist, jewellery designer and metalworker Cinnamon Lee, BLOOM is an interactive chandelier created for boutique contemporary jewellery store, COTA (Courtesy of the Artist) in Sydney’s Strand Arcade.

Lee was briefed to create a suspended lighting object that would occupy the central space of the store, without obscuring the display cabinets. The piece serves not only as a decorative element, but also as an interactive installation – responding to the movements of shoppers.

BLOOM comprises eight individual wire bulb forms, made from laser-cut stainless steel. Inside the bulbs, multi-chip LEDs and custom-built electronics mediate their behaviour – allowing each light to change colour. Each bulb acts as a proximity sensor, so that customers can change the appearance of the lights by moving their hands closer to the piece. The sensors in the bulbs are linked, meaning that by triggering one sensor, the user sends a subtle wave of coloured light to the other bulbs.

Cinnamon Lee is a trained gold and silversmith, producing jewellery and lighting objects. Lee specialises in computer-aided manufacturing processes such as rapid prototyping, applied in conjunction with traditional jewellery techniques to explore the intersection of hand craft and machine technology.

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