Kone Deco

March 19, 2009

Elevator design solutions.

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Kone Deco is a design solution incorporating Marimekko design elements to transform elevator design. It can be used in new Kone MonoSpace elevators, or to redesign your existing elevator or even the entire elevator lobby area. The materials are highly durable and feature a unique adhesive laminate surface particularly suited for elevators. The adhesive nature and flexibility of the material facilitates rapid mounting as well as removal.

The Kone Deco Four Seasons concept includes 12 selected Marimekko fabrics for new Kone elevators and a selection for elevators in Kone maintenance.
Spring – Maija Louekari: Ystävät
Summer – Fujiwo Ishimoto: Kesästä kesään
Autumn – Maija Louekari: HO-HOI!
Winter – Fujiwo Ishimoto: Kesästä kesään

*For more information contact Kone*
T. 02 9577 7000
F. 02 9577 7300
W. ["www.kone.com":http://www.kone.com]

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