ArchiCAD Design Software

June 30, 2011

Graphisoft’s new software, ArchiCAD 15, offers an innovative approach to handling the 3D design space, with new tools catering for renovation and refurbishment projects.

Graphisoft have released the new and improved ArchiCAD 15, which addresses architects in their native language with an innovative approach to handling design spaces and forms.

In addition to reinventing the 3D design space and providing architects with a wide array of new design tools, ArchiCAD 15 also addresses the increasing number of architects who earn their living from renovation and refurbishment projects with the addition of a new renovation tool.

It is the success of Graphisoft clients that positions ArchiCAD as the leading system for architects, building designers, interior architects/designers and project home companies in the world. Read about their success in the Graphisoft case studies.


Image Jim Fogarty Design, 2010 Gardening World Cup, Nagasaki, Japan 2010

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