Global Tribe

March 19, 2009

A series of high-performing textiles inspired by the cultural diversity of prehistoric civilisations.

Global Tribe is a series of five, high-performing textiles inspired by the cultural diversities of prehistoric civilisations. The collection explores the concept that although diverse in tradition, these primitive societies share many artistic similarities.
In keeping with Loop’s residential design approach, the studio has taken great care to ensure constructions capture the detail of their designs, include a soft handle and maintain heavy duty performance requirements.
The colour palette weaves together vibrant and earthy colours, mixing reds and oranges with peacock and chartreuse greens, and charcoal greys with rich earth browns.

*For further information contact Loop Textiles*
T. 1300 667 390
E. info@looptextiles.com
W. ["www.looptextiles.com":http://www.looptextiles.com]

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