Architectural membrane structures

March 19, 2009

By Makmax Australia.

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The above photograph shows MakMax’s colourful renovation of the Mumbai Domestic Terminal – an architectural membrane structure consisting of blue, green, white, orange and fuscia pillars. The aim of the design was to create a welcoming, open and vibrant entry point to the airport. Adding to the structure’s aesthetic appeal is the way in which the inverted cones change height and width along the tunnel. Functionally, the unique aspect of the project was that both drainage and electricity were needed to be concealed within the structure.

Architectural membrane structures are available from MakMax Australia. This particular work’s dimensions were 10,000 sqm materials/finishes of Ferrari PVC. Structures also available in PTFE, ETFE, TiO2 Mesh and Kenafine.

*For more information contact MakMax*
T. 1800 777 787
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E. info@makmax.com.au
W. ["www.makmax.com.au":http://www.makmax.com.au]

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