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Armour Screen

June 21, 2012

Sydney-based design and sculpture studio Korban/Flaubert have revealed their latest decorative metal work, the Armour Screen.

Having previously produced several metal screens based on repetition, pattern and sequence, Korban/Flaubert’s new design delves further to explore the sculptural possibilities of folded mathematical structures in metal on a larger scale.

True to its name, the Armour Screen explores the solidity and lustre of stainless steel. The metal plates fold into each other, forming an unyielding yet rhythmic structure through the diagonal translations of a repeated module. The screen is also designed to pick up light from different directions, and apertures are helmeted and multi-directional.

For over a decade, Korban/Flaubert’s designs have experimented with the ductility and lustre of metal, playing with movement and fluidity in solid structures.


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