The Tree

March 18, 2009

Designed by Professor Eerp Aarnio, The Tree is a space divider.

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Originally intended for restaurants and other public spaces, the Tree is a unique sculpture and will surely find its way into private homes, just as many other products designed by Professor Aarnio have done. The Tree is made of techno-recyclable polyethylene.
Professor Aarnio describes the birth of the Tree: “The Tree is like many other products I have designed – part functional object, part sculpture. It acts as a space divider and a decoration, but clever users will surely find other applications for it, such as a coat rack.”
The Tree also bears fruit, as the proceeds of each Tree are used to plant four fruit trees in the Peruvian Andes as a part of World Vision Finland’s regional development project to fight and prevent erosion.
The Tree is now available exclusively to Iken.

*For further information contact Iken*
T. 1300 554 748
E. iken@iken.com.au
W. ["www.iken.com.au":http://www.iken.com.au]

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