Cocoon Fires

March 18, 2011

An elegant and contemporary collection of versatile fireplaces, designed by Federico Otero.

Cocoon Fires’ award-winning range of feature fireplaces are a stylish and functional redesign of the traditional fireplace.

Running on biofuel, each design is a clean and environmentally friendly piece that doesn’t emit smoke. As the ethanol burns, the body of the fireplace radiates warmth around the room. The fireplaces hold 1.5 litres of fuel and can burn for up to six hours, depending on the heat setting.

The collection includes three designs: Terra, a free-standing portable fireplace; Aeris, which hangs from the ceiling with an adjustable height setting; and Vellum, a round wall-mounted model. The cocoons are available in either mirror finish stainless steel or high grade black carbon steel.

The burner tray used inside the fireplace can be removed in warmer months, allowing the cocoon to be transformed into a drinks cooler.

Cocoon Fires are created by Peruvian industrial designer Federico Otero, who studied in the US and at the Domus Academy in Milan. Otero has worked in lighting, furniture and faucet design, and has also designed watches for Tag Heuer.


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