DalNaturel by Dalsouple

March 18, 2009

An environmentally friendly and wholly sustainable resilient floor covering made of more than 90 percent natural ingredients.

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DalNaturel is made of more than 90 percent natural ingredients, with all the rubber content being natural. Natural rubber is a wholly renewable raw material, and mature rubber trees are exceptionally efficient at carbon sequestration (the absorption of harmful carbon dioxide from the atmosphere). Rubber is also easy to recycle, not just once but several times, with many potential applications. DalNaturel has been tested to have extremely low VOCs. DalNaturel is suitable for a large range of contract and residential installations. It is tough, anti-slip and burn resistant, but still soft and warm. It has excellent noise absorption properties, yet is dust free, hygienic and easy to maintain.
We believe DalNaturel to be the most environmentally-friendly and sustainable resilient floor covering in the world.

*For more information contact Dalsouple*
T. 1800 142 142
M. 0423 621 692
F. 03 9879 3863
E. info@dalsouple.com.au
W. ["www.dalsouple.com.au":http://www.dalsouple.com.au]

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