White Shimmer from Caesarstone

February 18, 2011

A versatile complement to stainless steel and glass surfaces, Caesarstone’s quartz surfaces offer a sleek finish to the modern kitchen.

The White Shimmer quartz slab from Caesarstone features a fine grained, white background with tiny mirror chips dispersed across its surface to reflect the light and create an elegant, shimmer effect. Close up, the material is ultra modern and glamorous, while from a distance it gives a sleek and consistent finish.

White Shimmer is a versatile colour, working well with stainless steel and glass, and can be specified in slabs of 20mm and 30mm thickness. The thicker slab allows for larger overhangs and spans, offering greater solidity to a kitchen surface.

Caesarstone’s range of durable quartz surfaces are heat, stain and scratch resistant and do not require sealant or polish to maintain its brilliant shine.


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