De Dietrich Steam Ovens

March 18, 2009

Healthy and tasty food with De Dietrich Steam Ovens.

De Dietrich introduced the first steam oven in 1997 and it remains one of the best selling products within the De Dietrich collection. This is because it provides immense benefits such as healthy cuisine, the sealing in of flavours and aromas, and greater retention of nutrients, minerals and trace elements.
De Dietrich has two steam oven models in the 2008 Collection – the 38-centimetre (DOV738X) and the 45-centimetre (DOV745X). These products offer soft touch control operation, eight pre-set temperatures, a stainless steel interior, a removable water reservoir, a stainless steel cooking tray and a juice collector. There is an optional extra accessory steam tray kit, which is ideal when you need to do multi-layer steaming.

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W. ["www.dedietrich.com.au":http://www.dedietrich.com.au]

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