Il Bagno Alessi dOt bathroom collection

March 18, 2009

Unique bathroom collection designed by Dutch architect Wiel Arets for Alessi.

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Laufen, Europe¬ís leading manufacturer of quality ceramic sanitary ware since 1892, now presents the Il Bagno Alessi dOt bathroom collection. It is the creation of Dutch architect Wiel Arets on behalf of Italian Design Factory Alessi, which calls him ‘one of the design heroes of the 21st century’.
With Swiss precision and beautifully craftsmanship, the Il Bagno Alessi dOt collection boasts a uniquely tapered form, meaning that the ceramic pieces and the recurring circle design combine naturally with the other elements.

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W. ["www.bathe.net.au":http://www.bathe.net.au]

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