The Steel

January 24, 2011

Nathan Goldsworthy’s range of furniture features a sturdy steel frame, designed with simplicity and utility in mind.

The Steel range is a series of objects constructed from steel wire and finished in a range of powdercoat colours, designed by New Zealand-based Nathan Goldsworthy. The form is loosely based on that of a table, and is generated by joining alternated triangles to create a strong, stable object with a solid top surface.

The spaces between the structure provide discreet places in which to store magazines, books or games. Designed with simplicity and utility in mind, the objects emphasise purity of form and colour.

The Steel objects are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The range is currently stocked in Corporate Culture’s Auckland showroom. For more information, contact Nathan Goldsworthy on studio@consciousdesign.co.nz

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