Pressed Chair

January 19, 2011

A lightweight chair crafted from a single sheet of aluminium, created by London designer Harry Thaler.

Created by London-based designer Harry Thaler, the Pressed Chair is crafted from a single sheet of pressed aluminium that has been bent into shape to produce a lightweight, stackable piece of furniture.

Made from a single sheet of 2.5mm aluminium with structural elements pressed into the sheet, the chair appears flat and minimal and is light enough to be lifted with two fingers – yet it is extremely strong when bent into shape.

A Pressed Stool has also been created, using the offcuts from the chair-making process. Unlike the chair, which is cut from a single sheet, the stool combines three pieces of aluminium sheet held together with screws.

Harry Thaler’s design was joint winner of the [D3] contest for young designers, organised by design fair ["imm cologne":http://www.imm-cologne.com/].


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