Adjutant desk

January 18, 2011

Inspired by portable military furniture, the Adjutant Desk is a practical and sleek design from New Zealand designer Nathan Goldsworthy.

The Adjutant Desk, created by New Zealand designer Nathan Goldsworthy, is a practical piece inspired by flat-pack military-style furniture. Campaign furniture, as it’s known, is designed for portability and quick assembly – so well designed, according to Goldsworthy’s research, that Napoleon Bonaparte would take his entire office (complete with bookshelves) to war with him.

The Adjutant Desk comprises six separate pieces that can be assembled by the owner without needing to use allen keys, glue or screws. Each of the table’s legs screw into the tabletop and lie flush with the surface – creating a simple form, elegantly realised.

Made from solid white oak, the table can be taken apart and moved as many times as necessary. The tabletop is reversible, available in a range of veneers, while a PVC edge adds a clean line of colour to the piece.

The Adjutant Desk is currently stocked in Corporate Culture’s Auckland showroom.
For more information, contact Nathan Goldsworthy on studio@consciousdesign.co.nz

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