Billi Eco

September 29, 2010

A compact and energy efficient boiling and chilled drinking water system designed for small to medium offices.

Billi Eco is designed specifically for the small to medium sized office and, unlike anything else available on the market, is a less expensive unit to purchase. Due to the innovative design of new technology exclusive to Billi, the Billi Eco is highly energy efficient ensuring significantly reduced running costs and excellent environmental credentials.

The unique Eco Intelligence software actually learns your routine so you have hot and cold water when you need it, without wasting energy. Also, the innovative Energy Reclaim system reuses heated energy to decrease energy costs and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

The elegant styling of the cast steel dispenser compliments the contemporary and sophisticated office. Below the sink, the underbench system is the smallest you’ll find on the market. The system is fully aircooled and uniquely requires no unsightly cupboard ventilation.

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