Shimmer table & chair

August 18, 2010

Elegant, lightweight and durable furniture designs crafted from timber offcuts.

The Shimmer chair, designed by Gary Marinko, has been finished in two distinct styles: the strap back and the woven back. Manufactured in Western Australian eucalypt species, karri and york gum, it exploits the strength and aesthetic character of the timbers to produce elegant, lightweight and durable forms.

The chair is paradigmatic of design-led research, with the design concept growing from the observation that local furniture manufacturers discarded timber that had a cross section narrower than 20mm x 20mm. This size has therefore become the maximum size for the chair components. The design also aims to be light and comfortable, unlike heavy timber furniture that relies on upholstery for comfort. Although constructed from solid timber, the chair is flexible, textured, and weighs only 3kg.

The Shimmer table, designed to complement the chair, is also light and delicate, with minimal structure and form. It has various dimensional constraints which allow the table’s legs to be made from 25mm timber sections, and means the table top can be crafted from a variety of high technology materials and finishes.

Available through the ["Advanced Timber Concepts Research Centre":http://www.atcwa.org/#]
T 08 6488 1560
F 08 6488 1501

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