Maggie chair range

June 4, 2010

A simple range of delicate yet sturdy chairs, with a handcrafted finish.

Designed by Australian designers Nick Garnham and Rod Carlson, the Maggie chair suits every location, from the boardroom to the bedroom.

Striking a balance between form and function, the sculpted rising loft of the seat and the lighter cushioning of the back lend themselves to old fashioned comfort, with sides that fit simply beneath your arms. Lightly tapering towards the ground, the legs – made from American oak – give the chair a nimble stance, yet a solid, strong base.

Maggie is available as a tub chair, traditional carvers, and an armless chair. The small pinched edge adds a touch of understated upholstery skill, lending the design a handcrafted feel.

Available now through your designer, architect or any of Jardan’s agents both nationally or internationally.


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