Maia Shower

March 25, 2010

Methven’s shower design delivers the spa experience alongside water saving Satinjet technology.

Fitted with a vitamin C cartridge in the handset to minimise chlorine in the water, Maia Satinjet is the world’s first shower to deliver the health and beauty benefits of a spa experience in the privacy of your bathroom.

Maia features award winning water saving Satinjet technology which performs to the strictest water conservation requirement achieving a 3 star rating, 9 litres per minutes.

Methven’s Satinjet technology has been used in their award-winning Tahi and Kiri Wall showers, both of which received awards from the Australian International Design Awards.

Presented by Standards Australia, the Australian International Design Awards is Australia’s premier design assessment program. Maia Shower has now been named as a finalist in the 2010 Australian International Design Awards in the housing and building sector.

Winners will be announced on Friday 4 June 2010 at Wharf 8 in Sydney.

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