Koskela lampshades

March 24, 2010

A collaboration between designers Koskela and weavers from Elcho Island Arts, bringing traditional hand-woven designs to the contemporary interiors market.

Furniture designers Koskela have partnered with weavers from Elcho Island Arts to create a series of lampshades made using traditional weaving techniques.

Each of the lampshades uses traditional panadanus and bush string weaving techniques. Each object is a unique piece, its final form relying solely on each artist’s interpretation of the form which Koskela provides.

This is the first time these traditional techniques have been used to create products that are specifically designed for the contemporary design market. The project represents a genuine collaboration, with the weavers contributing technical skills, material knowledge and artistic capabilities and Koskela contributing design and marketing skills along with their significant experience in the interiors market.


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