Perceptions from Brintons

March 15, 2010

Available exclusively online, the Perceptions collection coincides with a brand-new interactive design program launched by Brintons.

Brintons carpets has embraced the latest technology to launch a brand new design collection that will only be available online. The ‘Perceptions’ collection has been carefully developed by a talented team of Brintons designers in America and offers interior design customers a collection of material that is inspirational, innovative and fresh.

The collection is divided into eight distinct concepts that explore the possibilities of scale and colour, where the delicate use of textures stimulates the look and feel of the range. There are between six and ten designs for each concept, ensuring a strong design solution for most interior scheme requirements.

The design collections are now accessible on the Brintons Commercial website, as part of the 2010 online strategy. Brintons will also soon unveil a brand-new ‘Design Studio Online’ interactive design program. This will allow Brintons’ customers to access more than 100,000 designs from its archive, re-colour them to suit specific schemes, before then viewing them in a computer-generated 3D commercial interior to assess their suitability.

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