CeeLux HB13 LED pendant and surface mount fittings

February 8, 2010

Hotbeam’s low-energy LED fittings include pendant and surface mount fittings.

Hotbeam introduces two new LED fittings. The CeeLux HB13P pendant and the CeeLux HB13S surface mount fittings are stylish and unobtrusive. At the heart of these energy efficient fittings is our high-output CeeLux HB13 downlight.

The new CeeLux HB13P pendant luminaire is composed of an anodised aluminium housing, a height adjustable suspension system and a ceiling plate with bracket. It is an eco-friendly option where a drop or height adjustable fitting is required.

The new CeeLux HB13S surface mount fitting comes with a bracket for easy installation. It provides a simple and long lasting downlight option where there is not enough cavity space to install a recessed downlight.

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