CeeLux HB13 LED downlight fitting

November 18, 2009

High performance, attractive and unobtrusive LED lighting from Hotbeam.

The new Hotbeam CeeLux HB13 downlight fitting offers unparalleled light output using energy efficient LED technology.

With no heat in the beam and no UV emitted, the advantages of LED lighting are brought to you in this easy-to-install energy saving replacement for your halogen downlights. The CeeLux HB13 consumes just 13 watts of power to produce light equivalent to a 35 watt halogen bulb. Attractive and unobtrusive, it is at home in residential, retail and commercial spaces. With the benefits of Hotbeam LED technology, the CeeLux HB13 gives you a simple and long lasting downlight option.

E ["www.hotbeam.com":http://www.hotbeam.com/]
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