Unlimited: Queensland’s Asia Pacific Design Triennial

Jun 17, 2010
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Creative Director Ewan McEoin, Senior Curator Fleur Watson and Content Director Heidi Dokulil have today announced that ‘Opportunity’ would be the theme of the inaugural Asia Pacific Design Triennial, seeking to redefine what a design festival can and should be.

This impressive team of three design impresarios intend to reinforce the role of inter-disciplinary design collaboration and the importance of design leadership for the Asia Pacific community. The event’s program will run under the overall title of _Unlimited: Designing for the Asia Pacific_, addressing the fundamentals of food, water, energy, shelter, health and education. It will explore design as a valuable and useful response to urgent needs, rather than a product focused, aesthetics-driven industry.

Taking place from 4-10 October, the triennial will examine the role design has to play in addressing future challenges across the Asia Pacific region. The event will explore the macro scale, identifying the forces driving the future of the region, while also embracing the micro scale to reveal the aspirations of individuals and communities on the ground.

The triennial will be framed by six curated zones, each of which engage with the overall theme of Opportunity:
*Solutions* Designed to instigate change and innovation, Solutions is a place for new thinking and creative leadership. The business zone of the program, it will include a series of international business development workshops.
*Immersion* The educational zone. International design leaders and innovators meet with students and educators to generate ideas and explore the challenges and opportunities that will shape the future.
*Insight* An exhibition presented live and online, exploring the role global and local design plays in making a positive impact across the Asia Pacific region.
*Ideas* Engaging, inspiring and at times confronting talks and conversations exploring how design and creativity will redefine the future of cities, communities, businesses and backyards.
*Installation* An intimate and iconic temporary structure designed to educate and inspire through technology, materials, creativity and space.
*Associations* A wider framework of satellite events, self-managed and self-funded events that will be co-branded with the Unlimited triennial.

*Invitation to participate*
Submissions for Associations events, installations and exhibitions are now invited. They should include:
* A description of how the event engages with the theme of ‘Opportunity’
* A detailed description of the event
* 3-4 supporting images
* A proposed project management schedule
* Dates, times and location for the proposal within the Unlimited timeframe (4-10 October 2010)

Entry to the program will be based upon quality of submission and accepted by invitation at the Creative Director/Senior Curator’s discretion.
*Submission deadline: 5pm Monday 7 July 2010*

Contact Philippa Abbott, Curatorial Assistant to apply:
T +61 7 3102 3843

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