Sustainable Home Registry launches

Feb 11, 2013
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Sustainable building management company Australian Living will next week launch their Sustainable Home Registry program, which will aid in tracking the number of sustainable homes designed and built in Australia.

With the aim of tracking and recording the number of new homes being designed and built in Australia that go beyond the current Building Codes of Australia (BCA) energy efficiency requirements of six stars and BASIX requirements in New South Wales. The registry will also track the number of new homes being constructed with sustainable building materials.

Located at, the registry will rely on architects, building designers, builders, project home builders and developers to complete a short, simple form upon completion of their sustainable residential projects. The form will involve questions regarding thermal comfort, building materials, plus energy and water saving techniques.

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13 Feb 13 at 2:04 PM • Daniel Boon

Just how will ‘Australian Living’ ascertain / evaluate the veracity of a ‘sustainable home’; surely not the discredited BCA 6 Star Energy Rating System ?

13 Feb 13 at 5:24 PM • Anthony Lieberman

Submissions to the Sustainable Home Registry need to include the thermal comfort assessment so we can verify the star rating.


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