Record numbers for Melbourne Open House

Jul 29, 2010
  • Article by Online Editor
  • Photography by MediaLink Productions

Melbourne Open House 2010 has enjoyed a successful weekend with a record number of visits to the annual event, held in association with the Victorian State of Design Festival.

Designed to showcase the history of architecture in the city, the third year of the free event experienced a significant increase in the number of both locations and participants, with 64,841 entries recorded to the 61 participating buildings.

Residential buildings and green roofs were new themes for 2010 and proved crowd-pleasing. The Origin Roof Garden on Flinders Lane, designed by [“PATIO Landscape and Design”:http://www.jamiedurie.com/], was the most popular site for the weekend with over 5,500 entries.

The green roof located at 131 Queen Street, recently completed by Bent Architecture, also featured in the top 10 locations over the two days. Other buildings making the top five included the Melbourne Town Hall and Offices, 271 Collins Street, Denmark House and the Scots Church and Assembly Hall.

A number of residential buildings also received a constant stream of visits, showing a growing interest in apartment living.

Residential projects participating in this year’s program included the Hue Apartments in Richmond, designed by Jackson Clements Burrows; Plus Architecture’s Society in South Yarra; and the recently completed supportive housing project, Elizabeth Street Common Ground, designed by Craig Stoll.

Melbourne Open House spokesperson Robert Larocca said: “people are interested to see just how a well designed medium- or high-density dwelling will add to the city’s rich architectural history over the coming years.”

Larocca was pleased to see increased public interest in Melbourne’s architectural domain. He said that those participating in the public event “have learnt more about Melbourne and why design is an important aspect of making Melbourne an even more livable city.”


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