Postcode 3000 exhibition opens

Aug 27, 2013
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Above: Photograph courtesy City of Melbourne

A new exhibition, currently on show at City Gallery in Melbourne, examines the changes that have helped change the shape and identity of Melbourne’s CBD.

Melbourne, once labelled “an empty, useless city centre” by Norman Day in The Age (1978), is the subject of the exhibition Postcode 3000: a city transformed? – which examines the city’s transformation from bleak business district to one of the world’s most liveable cities through the introduction of the Postcode 3000 strategy. The exhibition showcases a range of Melbourne buildings in 3D printed models and film, and also charts a timeline that projects forward to Melbourne in 2023.

As Director of City Design at the City of Melbourne, architect and urban designer Professor Rob Adams was integral to Melbourne’s reinvention and has fittingly curated the exhibition. Under his guidance, the introduction of the Postcode 3000 strategy during the 1990s saw a residential population return to the city, contributing to the growth of bars, cafes, public art and vibrant laneways that Melbourne is now so well known for.

“The exhibition explores the many influences over Melbourne’s nearly 180 years, and looks at the impacts of the latest phase in its development: the boom of high rise residential and student housing,” says Adams. “Through the exhibition timeline to 2023, I question whether the aspirations of Postcode 3000 are being diminished by the flood of recent developments and planning applications.”

Postcode 3000 is on show from 22 August to 22 December at City Gallery, Melbourne Town Hall, 110 Swanston Street, Melbourne.

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