OpenIDEO launches local food challenge

Mar 24, 2011
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OpenIDEO has partnered with the Queensland Government and the state’s IDEAS Festival 2011 to launch a new challenge to drive sustainable food production and consumption.

The challenge brief addresses the gap that exists between rural food production and urban food consumption, in order to promote more sustainable, happy and healthy communities. This globally relevant problem will be addressed on a local scale – with end solutions that are available for communities around the world to reuse.

The local food challenge will address ways to improve the relationship between producers, retailers and consumers, as well as rural and urban communities. The brief asks the community to consider energy use, transportation, biodiversity, food security, nutrition, obesity, the health of rural economies and the strength of knowledge sharing between generations and cultures.

Initiated by OpenIDEO, the challenge takes the form of an online community with individuals, design teams and organisations contributing ideas, concepts, observations and feedback in a crowd-sourcing exercise.

OpenIDEO is described as an “open platform for innovation where we create better, together”. It was created by US design firm IDEO, who developed the platform to include a broader range of creative thinkers in the design process for the collective social good. OpenIDEO hosts an online community that collaborates on social ideas and concepts and shares ideas throughout the development stages of each challenge.

Community members are given a Design Quotient – a measure of an individual’s contributions to different stages of various challenges that ensures entrants are acknowledged.

Introduction to OpenIDEO / from IDEO on Vimeo.

The process follows a series of five phases. The local food challenge is currently in the inspiration phase – a gathering process pulling together broad inspiration from around the world that might inspire the community to think differently.

The Inspiration phase runs for ten days, before Concepting begins on 5 April. This second phase invites community members to contribute their solutions to the challenge. The third stage, Evaluation, is when shortlisted projects are assessed by IDEO.

In the final two phases, concepts are refined at a workshop before a winner is announced. For the local food challenge, the workshop will be held in Brisbane on 17-18 May and the winner announced at the Queensland IDEAS Festival on 18-19 May.

For more information and to participate in OpenIDEO’s local food challenge, go to [“”:]

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