2014 National Architecture Conference creative team selected

Jun 3, 2013
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The act of ‘making’ will be the theme for the 2014 National Architecture Conference, to be hosted in Perth for the first time in over a decade.

On the last day of this year’s National Conference, the Australian Institute of Architects’ National President, Paul Berkemeier, announced that Adam Haddow, Helen Norrie and Sam Crawford would be the 2014 creative team with their theme Making.

The team is inspired by the process of making architecture, as opposed to the simple presentation of architecture as a finished product – as well as the collaborative relationships and catalytic projects that lead to cultural change and shift the context of architectural practice.

“Our interest lies both in the machinations of the process, and the beauty, delight and surprise of excellence. Making will be a celebration of ideas. It will celebrate approaches to achieving architectural excellence that challenge cultural, economic, social and political environments. It will be through an investigation of the unknown that our own place will be revealed more clearly.

“How do we learn, as practitioners, from these alternative processes, the wins and losses, the mistakes and coincidences that led to better outcomes?

“We want to hear from the speakers about other ways of making architecture. How architecture is made in other cultural, economic and geographic contexts, particularly Asia, Latin America and Africa,” the team explains.

The 2014 theme Making will also explore the expanding role of the architect and consider a broader definition of ‘architect as maker’ – not just of singular buildings, but as the maker of environments and connections that extend the bounds of traditional practice.

“The contemporary architect is not constrained to the drawing board but is engaged with communities and cross-disciplinary collaboration and is often a champion of political change. We are interested in a new emerging role of the architect and the different ways of ‘making’ across a range of circumstances,” the team continues.

“The conference is an opportunity to celebrate our profession, to enjoy a collegiate environment and be inspired and energised from practitioners who share our ambition but differ in approach and context.”

The creative team, keynote speakers and panellists will further investigate ‘making’ through four subthemes – Making: Culture, Life, Connections and Impact.

Adam Haddow is a director of SJB, contributor to many journals and is actively involved in built form advocacy through the AIA; Helen Norrie is an academic in the School of Architecture and Design at the University of Tasmania and a writer, curator and architectural critic; and Sam Crawford runs Sam Crawford Architects in Sydney.

Above: Helen Norrie, Adam Haddow and Sam Crawford.

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