Melbourne Future Wheel: tram depot in the sky

Feb 15, 2010
  • Article by Online Editor

A team of designers have crafted a futuristic reuse concept for Melbourne’s ill-fated Southern Star Observation Wheel, envisaging the wheel as a tram depot in the sky for “flying steam powered punk trams”.

Featuring wind turbine blades and solar panels, the sci-fi windmill would generate power for a fleet of flying trams, alleviating congestion in the city. The adventurous reuse proposal for the “heat-damaged and conceptually flawed” wheel, which closed 40 days after it opened in 2009 when cracks appeared in the frame, features landscaped platforms elevated above a newly-greened Docklands.

The detailed visualisations were created by architectural photographer Peter Bennetts, multi-disciplinary design form Büro North and film and media production studio Squint Opera. Soren from Büro North says: “There are some serious ideas and questions amongst the madness. How to efficiently adapt, reuse and re-function outdated infrastructure as we move to a more sustainable future.”

[“Büro North”:http://www.buronorth.com/]
[“Peter Bennetts”:http://www.peterbennetts.com/]
[“Squint Opera”:http://www.squintopera.com/#]

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18 Feb 10 at 3:49 AM • b.s.

somebody here is too bored!

09 Mar 10 at 1:54 AM • Matt Drysdale

whatya mean someone is bored? How about at least someone has some imagination…

11 Mar 10 at 1:33 AM • Fooch

Thanks matt – well said 😉
We had fun making it.


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