HASSELL designs high-speed rail

May 30, 2011
  • Article by Online Editor
  • Architect HASSELL

The design team at HASSELL has revealed its conceptual design for an Australian high-speed rail system that would connect the country’s capital and regional cities.

The concept for the Australian High Speed Vehicle (A-HSV) has been drawn up in response to the ongoing national discussion on the potential environmental, economical and social benefits of investing in a national rail network.

The train’s form is “inspired by the brut lines of the iconic Australian speed machine, the 1960s HK Monaro,” with spacious open-plan seating and private berths for meetings or luxury travel provided for inside the double-decker train. A dining/lounge bar and convenience store have also been integrated into the design.


Travelling at 400km/hr, the A-HSV would take under three hours to travel from Melbourne to Sydney and offer a competitive alternative transport option to air and road travel, as well as providing more transport connections to growing regional cities. The design team also suggest the A-HSV would reduce congestion, open up housing choice and affordability, and boost national productivity.

Offering a low-carbon transport alternative, the A-HSV would emit an estimated 4kg of carbon dioxide per 100 passenger kilometres – compared with 14kg/passenger-km for cars and 17kg/passenger-km for planes.

*HASSELL design team* Mark Loughnan, Harley Vincent, Piers Van Zandvliet, Steven Paul, Jack Crocker, Jean-Paul Ghougassian

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