Haiti earthquake rebuilding effort

Jan 15, 2010
  • Article by Online Editor

Following the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that hit Haiti on Tuesday 12 January, 15km away from the capital Port-au-Prince, tens of thousands have lost their lives. It is estimated that 2-3 million people are now without shelter.

[“Architecture for Humanity”:http://www.architectureforhumanity.org/updates/2010-01-13-haiti-quake-appeal-longterm-reconstruction] is focusing on the long term reconstruction effort, launching an appeal for supplying construction and design professionals, setting up community housing resource centres and support in the design and building in the design and building of earthquake resistant structures. They are partnering with [“Yele Haiti”:http://www.yele.org/] and the Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group ([“AIDG”:http://www.aidg.org/]), along with other local groups, with funding going on long term relief rather than emergency relief.

UK-based [“Article 25”:http://www.article-25.org/], which designs and builds shelter wherever there is disaster, poverty or need, said the importance of architectural expertise would play a vital role in the coming months, with the skills of architecture and construction professionals playing a crucial role in delivering safe, sound, innovative design solutions to the area.

[“Emergency Architects”:http://www.emergencyarchitects.org.au/] will send a team of professionals from Canada, France and the Caribbean to assess the damage, evaluating those buildings that can be reoccupied and those that must be demolished. They send experienced professionals to work alongside aid agencies, communities and governments to rebuild devastated areas in a sustainable way.

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