Grand Designs Australia: filming begins

Sep 17, 2009
  • Article by Online Editor

Mount Macedon House, a project by Andrew Maynard Architects, is being featured in the first series of Grand Designs Australia.

The house is located on a protected site in Mount Macedon, with a restricted circular site that is 30m in diameter. Working closely with the council, the architects have redesigned the house three times, finally reaching a design that met the council’s approval.

After earlier plans for a long, thin house that ran through the centre of the designated site were not approved, Andrew Maynard Architects proposed a larger building that followed the outer limits of the site, creating a sheltered garden at the centre. The roof of the house dips down at the east of the site, dropping down to ground level and allowing natural light into the garden.

Filming at the site began last weekend.

The series, produced by Fremantle media and hosted by Melbourne-based architect Peter Maddison, will run for ten episodes, and will be shown on the LifeStyle Channel in 2010.

The UK series of Grand Designs, hosted by Kevin McCloud, has proved popular in the UK and in Australia, charting the ambitious designs of houses in the UK, from blueprints through to completion.

Andrew Maynard, who declined the invitation to audition to be the host of the show, thinks the show will be a success with Peter Maddison at the helm, saying he was the “best choice they could have had”.

Visit the practice’s website for more on the project: [“www.maynardarchitects.com”:http://www.maynardarchitects.com/Site/houses/Pages/Mt_Macedon_House.html]

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