Flinders Street Station designs unveiled

Jul 23, 2013
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Above: Flinders Street Station design proposal by John Wardle Architects + Grimshaw

Major Projects Victoria has unveiled the six concept designs for the future of Melbourne’s Flinders Street Station. All six concepts – produced by local firms, collaborations between local and international firms, and one international team – have been published online to invite public opinion on each of the proposals.

HASSELL + Herzog & de Meuron (Melbourne and Switzerland)
“Our proposal respects the heritage, improves all aspects of the transport hub, and underscores its central civic nature with new cultural and public functions for all residents and visitors to Melbourne.”

HASSELL + Herzog & de Meuron, with vaulted roofs inspired by unrealised features of the original station’s design


Ashton Raggatt McDougall (Melbourne)
“Our scheme provides a new school in the iconic new building; brand new connections to platforms, city and river; the riverwalk wanders over water and under a green roof ecology for plants and birds.”

ARM Architecture’s proposal explores the station’s connection to the river, featuring “ripples, waves, reflection and interference patterns”


John Wardle Architects + Grimshaw (Melbourne and UK)
“The station is an ensemble, each part precisely considerate of its place in the city. Its theatrical nature is amplified by the stitching of city to river. Landscape, bridges and vaults and the threads.”

In John Wardle Architects + Grimshaw’s concept, bridges, underpasses, vaults and park throughout the station connect the river to the city


Eduardo Velasquez + Manuel Pineda + Santiago Medina (Colombia, via University of Melbourne)
“A courtyard within a station is an urban vision that respectfully embraces the site heritage whilst meeting the demands of a modern train station. It is a project for the people where a new urban forest will become the true heart of Melbourne.”

Eduardo Velasquez + Manuel Pineda + Santiago Media envisage an urban park and a redeveloped Banana Alley Vaults


Zaha Hadid + BVN Architecture (UK and Melbourne)
“Our proposal weaves together the history of the station with a potent new form creating a new public place for the future, resolving the functional challenges and celebrating the grandeur of travel.”

Zaha Hadid + BVN Architecture propose a new hospitality and workplace hub at the western end, and a public space across the site connecting the city to Southbank


NH Architecture (Melbourne)
“NH Architecture’s proposal connects Flinders Street Station to a new future through elements drawn from the memory of this city’s citizens… our collective Melbourne-ness.”

NH Architecture’s concept includes a glass lattice roof and a new, multi-functional public venue at the centre of the site


The $1 million design competition, which was announced by the Victorian Coalition Government in November 2011 by then-premier Ted Bailieu, called for international proposals to revitalise the station, built in 1910. A landmark in Melbourne’s CBD, the 4.7-hectare site runs 250-metres along Flinders Street and encompasses the main platforms in addition to administrative facilities and an abandoned ballroom.

The First Stage of the competition, which ran from August-October 2012, drew an initial entry pool of 118 submissions. Six finalists were then selected and invited to develop their concepts further in Stage Two of the competition.

The public is invited to assess all six of the entries based on four criteria:

Overall design merit: How does each proposal reinvigorate this historic site, and unlock the urban design and development potential of the wider precinct?
Transport function: How will each design improve transport in the city, and enhance the experience for the growing numbers of passengers using the station every day?
Cultural heritage and iconic status: Does the concept respect the history of the building?
Urban design and precinct integration: How does each proposal connect with its urban setting – the CBD, the Yarra River, Federation Square, Southbank and the western end of the site?

Voters must assess all six entries, and rate them in all four criteria, for their vote to be counted.

A jury, led by Victorian Government Architect Geoffrey London, will assess the six proposals to determine the overall competition winner. The Jury winner and the People’s Choice Award winner will be announced on Thursday 8 August.

Voting is open in the People’s Choice Award from Tuesday 23 July until Monday 5 August. Vote online at vote.majorprojects.vic.gov.au

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24 Jul 13 at 10:06 AM • Thom Card

Big meh for ARM. Shame is, they’ll probably win.

01 Aug 13 at 9:32 AM • Liam Petrie-Allbutt

John Wardle Architects + Grimshaw (Melbourne and UK)

His concept is taking into account redbrick vaults and heritage of Melbourne and the Melbourne vibe.

The overall concept is more appropriate, but still needs sub-concept refinements.



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