Daniel.Emma win Bombay Sapphire Design Award

Dec 15, 2010
  • Article by Online Editor

The 2010 Bombay Sapphire Design Discovery Awards night was held at the Sydney Opera House on Wednesday 15 December, announcing the winner of the eighth annual awards.

Adelaide design team Daniel.Emma received the top prize for their ‘Basics Collection’, a range that encompasses a pendant light, brass paperweights, a magnetic paperclip tower and an occasional mirror. The pair says their simple, functional and playful design pieces “aim to be just nice”.

Judges described designers Daniel To and Emma Aiston as “the complete package,” with work that demonstrates “a proactive independence of spirit, brand awareness, great interaction with their end-user and a reliance on local production.”

Daniel.Emma receive a trip to Milan to attend the 2011 Salone, as well as a $30,000 cash prize.

This year’s four runners up, who each receive a $2,500 cash prize, are Henry Wilson for ‘Factory Slide’, David Knott for ‘Cantilabra’, John Quan for his ‘Flexible Desk Lamp’ and Adam Cornish for ‘Monkey Grip’.

The remaining shortlisted designers for the 2010 program include Andrew Simpson & Oliver Smith for the ‘Stilla Carafe’, Ben Edwards for ‘Offcut Stools’, Toby Horrocks’ ‘Flatform Shelves’, Nick Rennie for ‘labro’ & ‘organis’, and Michael Hoppe for ‘Hitman’. Each receives a cash prize of $1,000 for making the shortlist. Gary Galego, who was shortlisted for the 2009 award, received the Vogue Living People’s Choice Award for his ‘Carbonwood’ bike design.

This year’s judging panel included Editor-in-chief of _Belle_ and _Good Food_ magazines Neale Whitaker, Liane Rossler from Dinosaur Designs, Heidi Dokulil from Parcel, UTS Professor of Design Kees Dorst, Ewan McEoin from Propeller Communications, Top3 by Design’s Terri Winter and design expert Jennifer Sanders.

Judge Terri Winter said the panel appreciated the “more thoughtful and quietly innovative range of entries this year,” with designs that were carefully considered and sensitive.

The Bombay Sapphire Design Discovery Award promotes the work of emerging Australian designers, providing valuable assistance in promoting their work and reaching a local and international audience. The work of all ten finalists will be included in an exhibition in early 2011.


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17 Dec 10 at 4:27 AM • Matt

OMG! Well done Daniel.Emma this stuff is A-MAAAZ-ING! Great to see the judges keeping up of the standard of this mind blowing competition and not awarding it to something useful and marketable. Great work!

22 Dec 10 at 3:30 AM • The Design Pimp

I think this is an international embarrassment! These are all copies of products that have existed for years. We know you can’t design in a vacuum, but to pass of 2nd rate Chinese office kitsch as design of “beautifully crafted pieces” is a total tragedy for Australian design and Australian designers. I’m sure Emma and Daniel are as shocked as anyone, Gee’s I hope Karim doesn’t get a look at this he’s going to flip!

28 Dec 10 at 12:36 PM • Will

Oh dear. What are these things? Aesthetic, functional, interesting, intuitive, artistic- they certainly are not. They do seem to try too hard and yet be bland at the same time.

05 Jan 11 at 6:28 AM • Harvey

Oh come on now! I’m sure there’s more to these pieces than meets the eye of mere laypeople. (Please tell me there is!!) Like all of the past Bombay design darlings they’re careers are sure to reach stratospheric heights. It’s not the designers you should be bagging it’s the judges. Culture Cringe is still alive in the design world it seems.

13 Jan 11 at 4:34 AM • chas

oh dear…..


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