Cheap replicas watch out!

Jun 17, 2009
  • Article by Online Editor

A group of Australian design businesses have decided enough is enough. They have set up an organisation called the Authentic Design Alliance to take on the rapidly growing community of cheap ‘replica’ design importers who are ripping off the valuable IP of design professionals. These retailers unashamedly copy anything and everything. Not just the occasional classic, such as a Wegner China Chair or an Eames Lounge, but increasingly steal ideas ‘fresh of the press’ of Milan’s Salone.

Often imported without care or consideration for sustainable manufacturing processes or material quality, these retailers have become emboldened by Australia’s relatively lax copyright laws regulations.

ADA plans a formidable campaign against this abuse of design IP over the year ahead. Watch this space for more details.

ADA’s founding members include:
* Corporate Culture
* Euroluce
* Kezu
* Living Edge
* Stylecraft

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