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May 21, 2012
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The finalists in the CAPITheticAL international design competition have been announced at the Museum of Australian Democracy in Canberra.

The competition, launched to mark 100 years since the original 1911-12 competition to design the nation’s capital, asked students and professional designers to create a modern-day plan for Australia’s capital city. The hypothetical competition has been initiated to provoke new thinking about planned cities, while also marking the centenary of Canberra. CAPITheticAL challenged entrants to consider how a capital city might be designed today, and which social, political and environmental factors would have an influence on this kind of large-scale urban design project in the 21st century.

The 20 finalists were selected from 41 student entries and 73 open category entries across various disciplines, including proposals from architects, urban planners, artists and environmentalists. Entries were received from teams in 24 countries across the US, Europe and Asia, while 74 entries were submitted from design teams based in Australia.

The shortlisted finalists are:

  • Australian Urban Design Research Centre (AUDRC) (Perth)
  • Brit Andresen and Mara Francis (Brisbane)
  • Dirk Bolt (Scotland)
  • Daniel Spence and Kristina Sahleström (Sydney and Sweden)
  • Douglas Muir (Canada)
  • DRAFT – Helen Norrie, Jenna Rowe and Elizabeth Walsh (Tasmania)
  • Ecoscape (Fremantle)
  • The Engagement Studio (Melbourne)
  • Dr Paola Favaro and Team (Sydney and international)
  • Gareth Cotter (UK)
  • Jones Sonter Architects (Sydney)
  • John Kurko (Gold Coast)
  • Kate Dickinson and Annabel Koeck (Sydney)
  • ParTri – Tony Lam, Vahid Tehrani and Liam Filson (Sydney)
  • MHBC – Armando Lopes, Eldon Theodore and Mackenzie Keast (Canada)
  • Manasi S Satbhai (India)
  • MUDD (Sydney and international)
  • Philip Etchells (UK)
  • Sarah Herbert (Canberra)
  • Samson Tiew and Beatrice Toh (Melbourne via Malaysia)

For the next stage of the competition, shortlisted finalists will deliver final submissions in November and winning entries will be exhibited from February to April 2013, to coincide with Canberra’s100th birthday. Finalists are vying for up to $100,000 worth of prizes.

Image Marion Mahony Griffin’s ‘View from the Summit of Mount Ainslie’ from the original competition to design the city of Canberra. Image supplied by the National Archives of Australia

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