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ASPECT design wins at UTS

Jun 22, 2012
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Sydney’s ASPECT Studios have won the open competition held by the University of Technology, Sydney to design UTS’s City Campus public space, the Alumni Green.

Inspired by some of the world’s great public spaces, the design creates a central meeting space for the greater university community. Filled with vibrant student-focused spaces, the design includes a grass area lined by sculptural seating and intimate garden ‘pods’ where students can gather in the shade.

A set of Grand Steps leading up to the future Learning Commons (UTS City Campus Library) have also been proposed by the studio, in order to enhance the centrality of the Alumni Green. ASPECT’s Sacha Coles likens the ‘meeting point’ concept of the proposal to that of the steps at Sydney Town Hall.

“That says a lot about our design: it’s about creating opportunities to gather and socialise on campus,” says Coles.

The design competition received 14 entries in total, with three runners-up. The jury praised ASPECT for the ‘rich range of experiences’, ‘flexibility’ and ‘innovation’ offered in their design.

ASPECT join Durbach Block Jaggers, DCM, Gehry Partners, Lacoste & Stevenson and DRAW in their involvement in the UTS City Campus redevelopment project.


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