About Face Design Competition winner announced

Sep 25, 2009
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CODA Studio has been announced the winner of the About Face design competition, organised by Think Brick. The jury praised the winning entry, which “showed a carefully balanced design ambition, combining new textural possibilities achievable within modest manufacturing processes, with the delivery of a robust social program.”

The invitation-only awards ask emerging Australian architects to challenge existing notions of building with brick.

The competition invites a selection of architects, who have a track record in innovation and research, to push the boundaries and explore the aesthetic, structural and environmental possibilities of building with brick.

This year’s theme was socially responsive architecture, with commendations awarded to DRAW for their sensitive urban renewal, and Owen and Vokes for refocusing neighbourhood design.

CODA Studio proposed a solution to youth homelessness in Mandurah in Western Australia, designing a neighbourhood with social housing at its core. Architects Kieran Wong and Emma Williamson explored the idea of using brick as the ‘binding agent’ across the entire site, creating pattern and texture while also being cost effective.

Working with a brick manufacturer, the firm developed an extruded brick pattern that creates different patterns when laid using standard stretcher laying techniques, imitating more time consuming English and Flemish bonding styles.

The six firms in this year’s competition were CODA Studio, DRAW (de Manincor Russell Architecture Workshop), Paul Morgan Architects, Minifie Nixon Architects, Marsh Cashman Koolloos, and Owen and Vokes.

*2009 About Face Awards winners*
Winner: CODA Studio
Commendation: DRAW
Commendation: Owen and Vokes

Peer Award Winner: DRAW

Student Award Joint winners: Muizz Adam Nazmi and Susan Young
Student Award Commendations: Andrew Devine and Jason Lenard

*Image 1* CODA Studio, New Urban Order: Solution to youth homelessness, Mandurah, WA.
*Image 2* DRAW, Bridging the Gap: Sensitive urban renewal, Sydney’s suburban town centres.
*Image 3* Owen and Vokes, GOD: Sustaining Neighbourhoods: Refocusing neighbourhood design, Brisbane.

*See videos of each firm discussing their entries to the About Face competition on ADRTV.*
[“CODA Studio”:https://www.australiandesignreview.com/adrtv/13784-About-Face-09-CODA-Studio-CODA]
[“Owen and Vokes”:https://www.australiandesignreview.com/adrtv/13777-About-Face-09-Owen-and-Vokes-Owen-and-Vokes]
[“Marsh Cashman Koolloos”:https://www.australiandesignreview.com/adrtv/13774-About-Face-09-Marsh-Cashman-Koolloos-Marsh-Cashman-Koolloos-Architects]
[“Minifie Nixon”:https://www.australiandesignreview.com/adrtv/13770-About-Face-09-Minifie-Nixon-Minifie-Nixon-Architects]
[“Paul Morgan Architects”:https://www.australiandesignreview.com/adrtv/13764-About-Face-09-Paul-Morgan-Architects-Paul-Morgan-Architects]

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