New website links designers with 3D fabricators

September 22, 2009

Designers can now use state-of-the-art CNC technology thanks to new website connecting designers with fabricators.

Ponoko and ShopBot have launched a partnership website that enables anyone with an internet connection to get almost anything custom made and delivered from state-of-the-art digital fabricators.

The website uses Ponoko’s ‘click to make’ system, which helps users design products online, and then locates local ShopBot digital fabricators who make the product using high-performance digital making tools.

The fabricators on the site use high-performance CNC routers, which are a form of subtractive 3D printer, capable of producing 3D design with high precision and detail. By bringing designers and fabricators together, the site allows smaller firms and individuals who don’t have the necessary equipment the opportunity to have their designs made by this state-of-the-art technology.

“Ponoko’s making system gives our ShopBot owners the ability to receive a new stream of work from a wide range of customers,” says ShopBot’s President Ted Hall. “Our partnership also means everyone now has easy access to their own local 3D fabricator.”

Users can now get their designs custom made by searching a map for a local garage workshop, or submitting a request and choosing from bids placed by a range of ShopBot owners to make almost anything. It’s free for everyone to search and submit requests, and for fabricators to post profiles and bids.


*Image* model by Francesco Franchi, courtesy ONEOFF.

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