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Anomaly at designEX 2014

June 20, 2014

The Sydney-based furniture company had a successful run at designEX this year, winning awards and launching the latest designs by Ben Wahrlich, Coco Reynolds, Tuza+Conradi and Darren Palmer.

Congratulations to Anomaly on winning award for the best product manufactured in Australia and for the most sustainable product at the recently concluded designEX 2014.

The Sydney-based furniture company also took the opportunity to launch many new products at the show including the Odin table by Ben Wahrlich, Bright Bead pendants by Coco Reynolds, Mason Concrete Cushions by Tuza+Conradi and designs from Darren Palmer.

Designed by Ben Wahrlich, the Odin table hints to Scandinavian design, its illustrative structure takes design cues from viking longships that were propelled by rows of oars.

A view of the edge offers a subtle hint of the underlying structure, which creates intrigue and entices the onlooker to peek underneath.

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