WE-EF VFL500 LED wins German Design Award

December 10, 2013

The WE-EF VFL500 LED street and area lighting luminaires were recognised at the German Design Award 2014.

WE-EF has been awarded a prestigious German and international design award for the WE-EF VFL500 LED street and area lighting luminaires at the German Design Award 2014 event.

The German Design Award is the German Design Council’s highly-regarded premium international prize, which is awarded in recognition of ground-breaking, high-calibre products and projects that make their mark on the German and international design scene.



The WE-EF VFL500 LED street and area lighting luminaire was recently honoured as an example of exemplary design by its inclusion in this select group of outstanding products. In addition to criteria such as design quality, degree of innovation, brand equity and functionality, the assessment included aspects such as the impact on humans and the environmental.



The VFL500 series of post mounted luminaires was specially designed for cost-efficient LED street and area lighting. Its appearance is characterised by a plain, purist, geometrically-slimline stylistic design. The VFL uses existing WE-EF technologies including OLC ‘One LED Concept’, which today is recognised as the industry standard, and RFC ‘Reflection-Free Contour’, whereby a contoured acrylic cover replaces the conventional flat glass and achieves up to 30 percent improvement in performance.

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