The individual touch

December 3, 2013

There is a new concept in furniture that has recently been launched in the Australian market and it’s called Nomi.

Nomi is a new direction in bespoke furniture design and it’s available at your fingertips. It is an online furniture design store where you can choose style, finish and colour to suit yourself.



Nomi was founded by Michael Grassi, Henry Gresson and award-winning designer Tomek Archer. The premise is simple: design your own furniture. The standard range includes tables, coffee tables, benches, storage units and chairs designed by Archer, but here’s the twist, there are options to customise the product.



You love the Dove dining table in white but want black legs, no problem or perhaps the Storyteller chair is what you really want but in red, white and green. By choosing the front legs and frame in white, the seat as red and the back legs green you have created your own tri-colour chair that blends perfectly at any Italian lunch.



The timber for Nomi furniture is sourced from ethically harvested forests and all furniture is made from solid oak. Each piece is hand made in Melbourne then flat packed for easy shipping. Each design incorporates a peg, lock and wedge joinery system making it easy to assemble at home. Delivery is free to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.



With the expertise of Tomek Archer’s designs and a little tweaking from you it’s now possible to have bespoke furniture at home.

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