(Inside) Interior Design Review’s new editors

November 8, 2013

Niche Media is happy to announce that (Inside) Interior Design Review magazine has a new editor – two in fact.

Jan Henderson re-joins (Inside) Interior Design Review as co-editor with her colleague Gillian Serisier.

Jan is based in Melbourne and Gillian in Sydney so you can expect to see both editors out and about in these major cities and beyond.

Jan Henderson

Jan Henderson


Jan was editor of Inside and then became Associate Publisher at Architecture Media before starting her own business Henderson Media Consultants, which she continues.

Gillian Serisier

Gillian Serisier


Gillian has worked for many years writing in the architecture, design and arts spheres and has been the Sydney editor of Inside since 2008 and a contributor since 2005.

Together Jan and Gillian will share the important role of editor of Inside magazine and either can be contacted with project updates and news in the design realm.

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