New colours for COLORBOND

October 18, 2013

COLORBOND steel has been expanded with a range of contemporary colours, and new coating technologies are now featured for improved corrosion resistance and paint colour durability.

Six contemporary new colours have been added to new COLORBOND steel. Combined with the reintroduction of a previous colour, Night Sky, and the retirement of five colours, the size of the palette has been increased from 20 to 22 colours.

The new COLORBOND steel colours are:

  • Basalt – a deep neutral cool grey
  • Wallaby – a mid neutral cool grey with a warm tone
  • Gully – a warm neutral mid grey/green colour
  • Cove – a warm mid grey with a golden overtone
  • Mangrove – a new direction in green with an olive/grey/eucalypt tone
  • Terrain – a rich, earthy, red/brown inspired by inland Australia

The new shades were chosen after an extensive audit of 170 architects, roll-formers, developers and project homebuilders, according to Harley Anstee of Nexus Designs.

Underpinning new COLORBOND steel is BlueScope’s new Activate technology, which is the result of almost 20 years and $100 million of research and development.

Activate technology makes new COLORBOND steel more resistant to corrosion when drilled, cut or scratched, thereby prolonging its lifespan.

New COLORBOND steel also features new paint technology that increases the colour durability and gloss retention of all 22 colours when compared to previous-generation COLORBOND steel.

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