The Other Hemisphere call for submissions

August 28, 2013

Curator Sarah K and Ventura Lambrate organisers are inviting Australian and New Zealand designers to respond to the theme, ‘Simplified’, and exhibit their work at the 2014 Milan Furniture Fair.

Above: The Other Hemisphere 2011

The Other Hemisphere, an exhibition of Australian and New Zealand design on show at the Milan Furniture Fair, will return for a second time in 2014.

The exhibition will be on show at Ventura Lambrate – a relatively new addition to the Milan satellite shows, yet also one of the stronger, more conceptually driven districts.

The exhibition is an initiative of Sydney-based designer and curator, Sarah King (Sarah K), who previously curated the Australian Design Museum Exhibition at Shapiro Gallery (2010) and Urban Larder at designEX (2013), is one-half of Blakebrough + King and also collaborates with Liane Rossler on Supercyclers.

The theme for the 2014 exhibition will be ‘Simplified’. Designers are invited to push the boundaries and respond to this theme in their own way, be it conceptual, formal or literal, and a wide range of objects will be considered for inclusion. Clever products with a considered, sustainable future will be preferred.

Entries are open to designers from a broad range of backgrounds – from product designers, interior designers and architects through to jewellers, ceramicists, engineers and food designers.

Up to 12 designers or design practices will be selected for inclusion. Ventura Lambrate organisers and curators, Margot Konings and Margriet Vollenberg, will play an active role in determining the final list of exhibitors, working with Sarah K to select the 2014 designers.

The 2014 exhibition will be the second time The Other Hemisphere has been exhibited in Milan, following the successful launch of the exhibition at Ventura Lambrate in 2011, which featured work by Daniel Emma, Flynn Talbot, Plastic Fantastic and Emma Elizabeth, among others. Read more about the 2011 exhibition here.

The Other Hemisphere is also partnering with designEX, bringing the exhibition to Sydney in May to coincide with designEX 2014.

Applications to The Other Hemisphere close on 30 September 2013.

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