Institute offers support for Queensland flood victims

January 13, 2011

The AIA establishes a triage service offering assistance to flood victims in Queensland.

The Australian Institute of Architects’ building advisory service, *Archicentre*, will launch a program enabling Queensland residents affected by this month’s floods to seek professional advice from qualified architects.

The program, modelled on the role of a triage nurse who assesses patients before hospital treatment, offers advice to residents whose homes have been damaged in the floods.

The Archicentre service will launch in Bundaberg next week, before moving on to Rockhampton where the team will assist local authorities.

Ian Agnew, Queensland State Manager of Archicentre, said: “Archicentre’s extensive involvement in helping people following the Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria suggested the emergency triage approach allows people to gain information quickly and work out a basic plan of attack as a vital step in the recovery process.”

“It is important to recognise that flood damaged buildings could take over a year to dry out completely,” he added. “The natural tendency for people to renovate and redecorate as quickly as possible can lead to mould growth and the work having to be repeated.”

“The intensity of the flood will also have major structural implications for affected homes and the structural integrity of attached decks, balconies or tank stands supporting full tanks of water weighing several tons,” Mr Agnew explained.

More information can be found at ["":]

The AIA has also launched a blog for members to offer and request help from other members. The site encourages Queensland members unaffected by the flood to offer short-term aid to those in need. Visit the blog at ["":]

Neither of these sites have been established for fundraising purposes.
All financial assistance should be offered via the Queensland flood relief appeal: ["":]

*Emergency Architects Australia* have also offered their assistance the the Queensland Government. EAA have asked all members interested in offering assistance to register their availability by emailing [""]
EAA are running a fund appeal through their website to assist with their work, with any excess funding redirected to the Queensland flood relief appeal.
Full details are available on their website ["":]

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