Miniature Chair Competition

August 12, 2010

Photos from this year’s Miniature Cork Chair Competition, hosted by Living Edge and Chandon.

Following the success of ["last year’s competition":], Living Edge and Chandon once again decided to hold their popular Miniature Cork Chair Competition this August. Entries were judged last weekend, and each delicately crafted design displayed at the Living Edge Melbourne showroom.

The competition challenged entrants to fashion a miniature chair using two corks, wire cages and foils, with designs judged on their originality, wit, artistry and craftsmanship. Entries included lounge and deck chairs, with simple dining chairs displayed alongside ornate and detailed thrones and hanging seats.

First prize (a classic Eames lounge and ottoman) was presented to Mario Notaro from emerging Perth firm, Site Architecture. Second and third were awarded to David Ho from BVN Architecture in Melbourne and Zoe Page from Swanbury Penglase in Adelaide, respectively.

Designs from Mark Davis from Dasch Associates, Sue Coles from Baenziger Coles and Tanya Hillman from Geyer were presented with commendations.

The designs are currently on show in the Living Edge Melbourne showroom, 345 Bridge Road, Richmond.

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