ADR’s alternative Order of Australia: the results

June 17, 2010

The results of Australian Design Review’s alternative Order of Australia poll are in!

With the Queen’s Birthday honours list announced at the weekend, rewarding hundreds of Australians with the Order of Australia and celebrating everyone from community leaders to doctors to business people, we noticed a shortage of people recognised for their contribution to the fields of architecture and design.

We decided to correct that omission by organising an alternative Order of Australia vote, asking you to nominate the architects and/or designers that you think deserve recognition in the industry.

We received over 60 nominations for architects, designers, educators and those who have helped to shape the urban development of Australian cities.

In descending order, the most votes were awarded to the following (some of whom have previously been recognised with an Order of Australia):

Glen Murcutt
Rick Leplastrier
Ken Maher
Marc Newson
Richard Johnson
Roderick Simpson
Rob Adams
Paul Pholeros
Nonda Katsalidis
Peter Tonkin
Bruce Rickard
Sue Carr
Ken Woolley
Brit Andresen
Timothy Hill
Ian McDougall
Garry Emery
Peter Corrigan

Many of the nominations included kind words about the careers and achievements of individuals, commending commitment to restoration, improving the built environment and promoting initiatives in sustainability. Others voted based on an individual’s role in promoting digital architecture, and for promoting Australian architecture and design on an international stage.

Some said it was “hard to find stand-outs: people that defend the public position, declare an interest, work for the public good, donate their time, change perceptions, challenge the status quo, [or work as] tireless educators.”

Others identified efforts by the AIA to encourage more nominations for architects. “The reason you don’t see any is that no-one nominates architects! The AIA honours committee at the Victorian Chapter is redressing this by putting up nominations. However [ADR] is correct, architects do not receive sufficient recognition for the contribution they are making to society.”

While some respondents welcomed the invitation to celebrate high achievers in the field – “way too many doctors and sporting heroes!” – others maintained: “The only people who deserve awards are those who help others/volunteer for charity organizations/contribute to other worthwhile causes and would otherwise go unrecognised.”

One respondent explained: “We are sadly lacking champions for design. The new Australian Design Alliance offers hope here, and maybe through this new body, we can see the design scene changing, and new blood rising up. Perhaps what this signifies is that we need a renewing of the broader design industry, with encouragement for individuals to speak out with new ideas and concepts that bring new life to the various fields of design in this country.”

Congratulations to those named above, and thank you to those that responded to our alternative poll.

  • Dinah Fisher June 17th, 2010 5:22 am

    This is a very Sydney-centric poll result

  • Bob June 22nd, 2010 4:23 am

    Perhaps Melbourne architects and designers are too cool/overworked/jaded to answer the question…

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