Philippe Starck designs Revolutionair micro wind turbines

February 1, 2010

Designer Philippe Starck has joined the ‘fight’ for renewable energy, unveiling two designs for domestic wind turbines.

Designer Philippe Starck has collaborated with Pramac to create two micro wind turbines, aimed at domestic use.

Called Revolutionair, the turbines can be placed in the garden or on the roof. The rectangular model has a power output of 400W, which the helicoidal shaped model generates 1KW. Prices for the turbines will start from around 2,500 euros and 3,500 euros respectively.

Pramac explained that the turbines “operate independent of wind direction,” adding that they “can exploit even turbulent air flows and they are extremely silent in every wind speed condition.”

The launch of the two models comes after a two-year collaboration between the designer and Pramac, an Italian-based company that makes energy equipment. Stack fisrt presented a prototype in 2008.

Starck said of the project: “We have to help people to produce energy, to be part of the fight. Energy should not be a punishment, we should create a desire among people to produce it.”

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